PICO Balloon Project

May 22, 2021 Launch of W3UAV-15 @ 10:30 AM

For those who are interested we launched W3UAV-15 using a Mylar Balloon with an APRS Tracker. The launch occurred from Tony McMonagle’s house in Springfield Township in the presence of Rick Goodman WA3USG and Jeff Elliott W3JVU. The balloon was filled with 5 grams of lift just a little more than recommended for the size of the balloon and payload. Just as expected we made it up to 23,120 feet.  As you can see below the last position recorded was over the Chesapeake Bay before the balloon burst. We believe this occurred because we had too much lift and used helium which contained 80% helium and 20% air.

Our plan in the next few weeks is to launch Rick Goodman’s WSPR tracker using hydrogen. Stay tuned.